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About Us-BeckwoodFinds 
Jewlery with Purpose

Metal-sensitive? Plastic takes away the itch, ooze, and red. Not pierced? Almost all of these can be turned into clip-ons. Classy, fun, creative, expressive, subtle, or statement-making--Let me know what you want, and I'll make it to your style using resin, vegan leather, plastic, metal, clay, beads, and anything else I think might look good hanging on your earlobe!

Started by a science teacher with a significant metal allergy and a serious hankering for cute earrings that weren't crazy expensive, BeckwoodFinds was inspired by Kalyn's crafty boys. BeckwoodFinds provides accessories for people while also donating a portion of the proceeds to local charities. The beneficiary changes every 6 months, so feel free to message and see who is receiving at the moment. 

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